1. You can connect to our Minecraft server with the IP: MC.TooMuchMinecraft.com

by RachyPixie at 3:18 PM
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This is basically about what it says in the title.

I know a few of you guys are planning to go to EGX this year. With that being said, I would like to propose a meet up. We had one last year and it was a good laugh, although there weren't that many people there, but still. If you guys are interested, comment below or vote in the poll the days you will be attending and we will set up the meet up for the day most suited.

Also, if you didn't know already, the tickets are on sale so if you haven't bought your ticket already, do so now!

This will be updated every once and a while when we get more info about things going on at the event.
by Wysie at 2:04 AM
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After many weeks/months of constant fiddling and maintenance, we now have a steady release we can call 4.0!

  • Survival Games lobby and maps added, found at /warp sg. This also has leaderboards, rewards and a shop system in-game!
  • Voting is back! Users receive $100 in-game per vote, a full vote site list can be seen here.
  • Added new spawn area, which shall soon be a tutorial-styled walkthrough for new members.
  • The rank system has been changed, old donator ranks have been merged with new ones, along with the addition of the Champion rank. Read more.
  • Tweaked forum and server syncing again, some users were having issues with being set to the 'Guest' group and being unable to view pages.
  • Added custom crafting recipes....
by Cas at 11:12 PM
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Hey guys,

New update for the IOS version of the TMM app has now gone live.

Download Link

The update includes:
- New Layout
- Latest News tap
- Updated Forum donator ranks
- Bug Fixes
- GUI Scales correctly
- Other Fixes...

Works with the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6+ running IOS 7 or Higher

Future Versions:
V2.1 - Re-add Dynmap [Onces fixed]
V3.0 - This one is going to be a big one [Top secret]

Android Update - Kinda lost the SDK files + crypt stuff.
Windows Update - Have no idea whats going on with this.
by Leo Rose at 4:14 PM
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Greetings members!

As most of you might know, Mojang today (4th Feb) released the feature to change your minecraft name. However, there are some problems that arise with this. Some servers, including TMM, have not managed to update all the necessary mods that needs to be compatible with the name changes.

The major mod on TMM that isn't compatible as of yet, is Lockette. This means that if you change your name, and then come on the server, you won't be able to open any of the things you've locked to your previous account name. Also, you will lose all your access to your previously protected land. Quite problematic, no?

If you happen to have had your minecraft name changed, before reading this, a moderator can help you change all the things you've locked, so that you can use them again. None the less, this is a thing that needs to be done manually, so again, if you haven't changed your name yet, please wait.

The staff team will inform you when it's OK to change your name....
by Digga at 10:58 PM
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Good news, following the recent quickfire vote on the forums we now have a winner for the donator ranks. The donator ranks were created by @Ruthi_es

Ruthi_es will now receive the new equivalent premium rank for 3 months.

The winning ranks were:
Master/Miss $30,000
Sir/Dame $40,000
Captain $100,000
Champion $75,000

From now your ranks will be added plus the money equivalence of the rank.

Also on another note I would like to welcome @JoeIsCrazy and @CombatBarbie to the moderator team as we ever grow in size.